Summer Tour 2024

General principles:

  • Mid June 2024
  • 5 – 7 days, if leaving mainland doing so from a northern port, Hull, North Shields, Stranraer (Cairnryan). No more than 200 miles per day with a free day at some point.
  • Seek group discounts
  • Ride as a group
  • Individuals sort own accommodation at stop over points
  • Meet together for evening meals

Proposals with some member support so far

  • Southern Ireland – Branch tour 2019 didn’t get that far. Leave from Stranraer to Belfast or Liverpool to Dublin
  • Denmark, Norway or Sweden from North Shields to Ijmuiden
  • Central and West Coast of Scotland
  • Devon / Cornwall

We welcome comments and expressions of interest by the end of October with a view to having bookings made by Christmas. 


  1. Denmark, Norway or Sweden from North Shields. No more than 200 miles a day. Days off. Longer period for trip if possible.

  2. Denmark, Norway or Sweden from North Shields. No more than 200 miles a day. Days off. Longer period for trip if possible.

  3. Anything from North Shields or Cairnryan , 200 miles +or- a bit depending on route, I think 7 days would be my max

  4. * I would like the Norway / Denmark / Sweden option from North Shields if possible
    * I am also interested Dave’s suggestion of – Croatia , Slovakia etc
    * Also if there is any other interest I would like France / Spain

  5. Ireland would be great and having experience from the 2019 trip I think its definitely got more potential (Southern wild Atlantic way (Ring of Kerry). I liked that it covered all budgets, camping to hotels. Also Scotland has loads of potential.

    If going further afield cost would be a concern. (but not out of the question).

  6. An organised tour for me , a lot less hassle , just turn up ride and enjoy, but does come with a premium price.
    Maybe 2 tours, a premium and a budget.

  7. I’d be interested in a North Shields ferry trip as it avoids that horrendous grind down the M1 through middle England to the continent (the Mercians never got over Northumbria’s glory days!).

    Most interested in Denmark and the Vikings. Would love to visit the Viking Ship Museum near to Copenhagen. Also because this city is the only Scandinavian capital I haven’t been to. East of Copenhagen could even cross that famous bridge (The Bridge) between Denmark and Sweden (could turn around and come back immediately – just to say we’ve done it!).

    But … it’s 927 Km from Amsterdam to Copenhagen (on the overland route via Odense). So some long days in the saddle! Might have to purchase one of those air-saddle things. It may be that 10 days or longer would be better.

    Bring back the night sleepers with luggage cars! Then I’d just get a Honda 250 and stick it in the guards van …!

  8. I like the idea of Norway, but I’m on a cruise to Norway the first week of June. I’ve only ever been to Dublin so that would make a nice change too. In fact if I’m able to go, anywhere will do. I just love the crack.

    • Good way of finding out what’s achievable in a days riding. Ring of Kerry part of Atlantic way can be spectacular.

  9. Could quite fancy a trip around Applcross and over to Skye for a week .Dont fancy Denmark or Sweden been there before bit flat and boring . Norway is good up in ghe mountains but beer and petrol very expensive

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