About your local branch

Formed in May 2016 as there was no dealership or TOMCC within 40 miles and clearly a lot of passion about the bikes from a number of perspectives. We have grown to over 100 members in the first 18 months (second best TOMCC growth) and continuing to grow , Our objective is o try and cater for as many different tastes as possible and welcome more people coming forward to assist its making the organising of activities easier. We are very much about inclusion and welcome members of all ages, abilities and interests and only ask that people actively participate and respect others views. There is only one fundamental requirement, a Triumph Motorcycle (Past, current or imminent). All Triumph models are welcome. There is a great range of experience and knowledge among members ,who, if they can’t help personally can generally signpost to someone who can.

We are very much for the members – if a number of people want to do something then we will do our best to enable it – , and now have an events calendar with a variety of activities constantly updated so keep looking, and don’t forget, polite suggestions always welcome.

Monthly Branch Meetings
Throughout the year we meet monthly (3rd Tuesday of the Month nominally) either as a general catch up, informative sessions (Rider down, cornering cynic, Puncture repair comedy show) during the colder months, and as starting points for warmer nights ride outs throughout the region.
Organised Ride outs
Weather permitting we organise several runs each month. A weekend run, normally on a Sunday with a morning start, tend to be longer ranging from 70 to 200 miles, Midweek ones, as part of the branch meeting will be shorter. and run from 6:30pm/7:00 pm until lights out. A great way to explore favorite and new rides throughout the region.
The rideouts are designed to include all levels of experience and will be perfect for all Meriden and Hinkley bikes.
Exciting Social Scene
From a quiz to a curry, from a Special preview of new machines to a fully organised and supported Tour, the branch is constantly engaging with members to do the things they want and enjoy. This year major events include a Tour of Ireland, Our own summer camp and BBQ with live band and a Xmas Do to enjoy. We live in one of the best regions in the country, with the best people. who know how to make the most of what we enjoy.