Ride Unwritten Rules

Riding Etiquette to be employed on all rides: –

Brief riders about route. Stop offs and approx timings.

Assigned leader and tail end Charlie

Explain rider group etiquette

The leader should set a reasonable pace according the all riders ability and not break the speed limits and should remember it could take the tail end guys more speed to catch up

Follow the leader and use the drop off system

Leader might point to the next rider to stop at a junction for others to know where we are riding

The drop off rider must be in a safe place marking the route

The drop off rider should wait until the tail end Charlie to signal all is good and carry on (Tail end Charlie will raise their hand)

The drop rider should wait no longer than 30mins

It will be the tail end Charlie responsibility to contact the lead rider and to discuss options. One being to stop in a safe place to allow everyone to catch up and to inform the drop rider to carry on or stay.

It will be the group leader and tail end Charlie to then decide the best resolution for the ride

The drop off rider will pull out in front off the tail end Charlie when safe to do so

If at any point the tail end Charlie feels it is unsafe for them to wait for the drop off rider to pull out, the tail end Charlie will pass and then pull in when safe for the drop off rider to pass.

If you wish to leave please inform the tail end Charlie 1st and the group leader

Set off and riding

Once riding keep to the position you are in, no overtaking

Ride in a staggered or offset position. One second behind the bike in front (click the link STAGGERED OR OFFSET GROUP RIDING FORMATION to download for more information)

If you feel that you are not comfortable in this position, then change at the next designated stop

Respect everyone riding we all have different levels

Respect other road users and if necessary, stop and allow others room or right of way and no jumping the group rider position if someone stops, we all stop. With this in mind when you stop, be aware of the rider/ riders behind you and think are they in a safe place.

Stops to be agreed and shared in advance of setting off.

Stay safe and enjoy!

Any questions please ask your lead rider.

…or something like this: