Ireland Notes & Itinerary Info

Hi Folks

After yesterday’s meeting here are the routes for each day and who is assigned to them. These are a guide and please feel free to alter as you feel fit. You’ll need make sure that the start / finish points match up with accommodation. Each rider needs to arrange there navigation from accommodation to and from start / finishing points (if not one and the same).

Day 1 – Led by Mark Lamb. This is the Belfast to Kildare Part of Route

TomTom / GPX

Day 2 – Led by Graeme Henderson. Kildare to Cork Via Wicklow Gap & Cobh

TomTom / GPX

Day 3 – Led by Iain Inglis. Cork Loop via Killarney

TomTom / GPX

Day 4 – Led by Dave Tate. Cork to Dingle via Ring Of Kerry

Tomtom / GPX

Day 5 – Led by Neil Elders – As discussed – maybe a slightly lesser pace sight seeing jaunt for the Day!!!

Day 6 – Led by Victor Stevenson – Dingle to Galway – Crossing Shannon Estuary Via Ferry.

TomTom / GPX

Day 7 – Led by Andrew Richards – Galway to Sligo via Clifton & Bangor

TomTom / GPX

Day 8 – Led by Dave Harding – Sligo to Belfast

TomTom / GPX

Please let me know of any errors or omissions. As mentioned above these routes are not set in stone, very much a guide / framework.

Once you are happy with your part of the route please send me link to the updated route.